The story began in 1994 Autumn twilight in Pori, Finland when Mikko Elo and Mika Rättö met and decided to try the compatibility of their musical visions. Sessions were arranged in the heart of the legendary sixth part of Pori, in a room about five square meters in size, called Koppi (the Hut). The visioning and jamming of the duo allured in two gentlemen called Teemu Majaluoma and Daniel Finley. Now the group expanded to four men, not afraid of musical experiments and dedication, began to plan a musical narrative called Moon Fog Project, which was meant to be performed when the time was right.

This also happened when the band performed in the New Year's Eve at the mythical Skatrek, where the best parties in Pori back then were arranged in any time of the day. The show did not eventually satisfy the creative hunger of the young quartet and thus the year 1995 passed by training and constantly creating new material. The few public performances provoked feelings from enthusiasm to confusion and interest towards the band began to rise especially in Pori region.

In the year 1996 a new leaf turned in the history of the orchestra when the original drummer Daniel Finley left and was replaced by Veli Nuorsaari. At the same time the latter part of the name of the band was changed into Prophet (due to associations caused by the word Project). Creative fury and few but startling performances continued. The band had already made a couple of two-three song studio demos when Finley played drums, but in the end of 1996 Prophet entered the studio with a release in mind. Out of these sessions an EP released by the band's own Seeker label was born and two songs ended up in a compilation CD of Metamorphos company.

A record company from Helsinki, Metamorphos, became interested in Prophet in the beginning of 1997. So the band recorded in Summer 1997 their first full-length CD which was published by Metamorphos in the beginning of 1998. The disc received positive reviews both home and abroad but the band did not look at their sides or backwards but started already to produce a new musical entity. So the second full-length CD was born, to be released in the beginning of 1999 - more majestic and coherent whole than its predecessor - When They Opened Their Parachutes... Silence.

At this stage something must be mentioned about the philosophy of Moon Fog Prophet. Each record, each piece of work is planned to be an independent unity on its own. Naturally it is clear that in a historical sense the works of the band will be seen as a kind of continuum, where a certain course of development can be read. But while creating a product Moon Fog Prophet does not feel like carrying on from the previous but heading for an independent, unique result instead. This is also true about the live performances of the band: a set is not just a collection of songs but a dramaturgical whole.

And by this philosophy the third Moon Fog Prophet CD MERN was born. MERN, which in its unparalleled, frightening but delivering atmosphere is - if the characterization of Colossus magazine can be used - "a classic of psychedelia". However, at the time of the publication of the record, near the change of the millennium, two unfortunate backlashes happened: Metamorphos quit its functioning and there were bothersome health problems inside the band. Moon Fog Prophet - which by the time began to switch to Finnish language and to the name Kuusumun Profeetta - was not disheartened. A musical play Pilkkaavat Tinakellot (Taunting Tin Bells) - a project started in the previous year - was executed in the accommodations of Porin Teatterinuoret (Pori Theatre Youth), by the band and fifteen assistants and actors. The six shows performed were a success both in public and in critique. In January 2001 the same musical play (written by Mika Rättö himself, also playing the leading role) was performed in Telakka, Tampere for four times.

In the end of summer 2001 Ektro label released the folk-oriented Kukin kaappiaan selässään kantaa CD - debut under the name Kuusumun Profeetta - and the success of the CD was overwhelming both in public and critic. The band went on playing several hugely successful shows around Finland in the end of 2001 and in the beginning of 2002. The live personnel of Kuusumun Profeetta now broadened by Irina Niemelä on saxophone and the original drummer Daniel James Finley on percussion and backing vocals.

The year 2002 continued to be opulent and fertile time around the Prophet headquarters. The grandiose and unpredictable live performances followed each other, the assembly sometimes featuring Jyrki Laiho as an extra guitar player and Elli Keltto, Emmi Sydänmaa and Ilana Vähätupa (a.k.a. the Angel Choir) as backing vocalists. The second Kuusumun Profeetta CD Jatkuvasti maailmaa pelastamaan kyllästynyt supersankari had a tremendous response everywhere. Italian label Mellow Records finally published the majestic Moon Fog Prophet CD Taunting Tin Bells Through The Mammal Void based on the aforementioned musical play. This dramatic masterpiece has been waiting for its release for some time and now in a sense crystallized the group's career...

... and the second musical play Oopperse le Feti le Grande Anaale - a surrealistic, truly unique spectacle - also delighted and confused audiences in the Prophet capitol, Pori in autumn 2002.

The year 2003 saw the group grow into a 8-piece war machine as Jyrki Laiho and trumpet player Samuli Peltoniemi joined the Prophets as regular musicians. Kuusumun Profeetta was planning a work of epic drama, Sanansaattaja Oraakkeli Salamurha Hyökkäysvaunu CD, as they gave a number of memorable concerts, including the ones as a supporting act of the legendary Fairport Convention. Noita / Myrskyn ytimessä 7" single was released as the preparations for the next full-length CD continued...

... just to be released in the beginning of 2004. A colossal feedback was inevitable as the audience had been eagerly awaiting for the glamorous album to emerge. Kuusumun Profeetta reached the official Finnish charts for the first time. The Prophet is now blazing with full cannons and seems to be unstoppable...

What about the future adventures? The enchanting narrative of the Prophetic Ones will carry on through unexplored astral planes. Stay tuned on

Prophet saga continues: From the Armchair to the Unknown

After the glories of Sanansaattaja album, the Prophets were eager to go deeper to the realms of organic sound. This was the start of a fruitful collaboration with composer/arranger/orchestrator Harri Kerko. The immortalized result was the album Hymyilevien laivojen satama (2006) where the traditional Kuusumun Profeetta sound clashed with tremendous orchestrations, choirs and even atonal passages.

The co-operation continued with two biggest concerts the Prophets have accomplished so far. In spring 2006 Kuusumun Profeetta performed in Kanneltalo, Helsinki, backed up by choir, strings and various other guest instruments, conducted by Mr. Kerko. The megalomania went even further when similar collaboration with added visual elements was carried out in the beautiful theatre of Pori. Those who witnessed this massive performance, were given two and a half hours worth of the ultimate spectacle of the Prophets.

In the meantime, Kuusumun Profeetta were creating new music with a new focus. This time a psychological horror story with paranormal extensions would be mediated, with the aid of a colder, more electronic and otherworldly sound. In 2008, this fantastic journey led to the miraculous album Lyhtykuja. Kuusumun Profeetta continues to follow new paths and to conquer unknown regions, and right after the release of Lyhtykuja, a fascinating future project is already emerging...